On behalf of Weisman, Kennedy & Berris Co., L.P.A. posted in motor vehicle accident on Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

Earlier this week, a driver in a Dodge Charger reportedly ran a red light at the Cleveland intersection of Broadway Avenue and Jones Road. The driver struck a truck hauling steel that was making a left turn with a green light. The motor vehicle accident happened in the early morning and caused the temporary closing of both the northbound and southbound lanes of Broadway.

The occupant of the truck was not hurt. However, the offending driver and his passenger were taken to a local hospital, where the driver died from his injuries. The condition of his passenger is still unknown.

A violation of a traffic rule, such as running a red light, might create a presumption in favor of the victim. In addition, any accident report made by the police at the scene may constitute evidence. However, often there is no strict definition of who is liable in causing an accident. Consequently, dealing with accidents — and any potential lawsuits arising from them — often becomes exponentially more complicated than simple traffic rules.

Understanding your legal rights as a victim is a complex subject you might not have time to properly address in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. You may have serious injuries, medical bills, impaired job function, insurance claims and countless other distractions of your time. Even though the issue of fault may seem clear to you, the driver that struck you may challenge the recovery you seek.

If you were the victim of a serious car accident, it is important that you have an attorney on your side to find other possible evidence and help argue a version of events that allows a jury to properly interpret the evidence that is presented. An attorney can advise you on what claims you may have, and help you prepare the best evidence to prove those claims.

Source: NewsNet5, “Cleveland man killed in crash involving truck at Broadway intersection,” Mike Waterhouse, May 22, 2012