• Innovative
    Strategies in presentation, negotiation and litigation that defy the norm and produce results. We are leaders, creators and collaborators striving for excellence.
  • Analytical
    Informed legal counsel incorporating extensive experience within several scientific fields, medical practices and complex business principles. We invest in education and execute comprehensive case analysis
  • Dependable
    Serving client needs and following through on every agreement. Always a step ahead and working collaboratively with each client individually.
  • Driven
    Results-oriented with defined focus on our clients' success. We take on challenging cases because we believe we can help make significant positive changes in our clients' lives.
  • Nationally Recognized
    Five attorneys acknowledged on the list of The Best Lawyers in America, regular lead counsel in class action and mass tort litigation throughout the U.S., and frequent presenters at conferences relating to mass tort topics.
  • Passionate
    We represent clients in federal and state courts across the U.S. Our law firm has invested its time, talent, passion and dedication to personal injury victims for more than 50 years.
  • Responsive
    Always engaged with our clients on their issues of concern. Attentive and available to communicate with clients whenever their needs arise.

Mass Tort Litigation Attorneys in Cleveland - Representing Victims Nationwide

At Weisman, Kennedy & Berris Co., L.P.A., we focus on providing each client personalized service. Our lawyers are innovative leaders in the field, and our clients have access to their knowledge, resources and skills on a consistent basis.

When your case is being handled by the team at Weisman, Kennedy & Berris in Cleveland, you will be speaking and consulting with your attorney every time you need assistance or have concerns. We go to great lengths to serve the needs of each client. Our Cleveland medical malpractice lawyers are driven and have a passion for taking the leadership role in complex and litigious cases.

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Experienced Lawyers Representing Medical Malpractice and Class Action Lawsuits

We stay ahead of the curve. We educate ourselves in the latest issues and advancements in the medical, scientific, securities and insurance industries among others, in order to help our clients understafnd every issue that might affect their case. Our creative approach to resolving each accident injury case favorably is communicated directly, and we only proceed in our clients' best interests.

  • Responsive to client needs.
  • Dependable through every step of pursuing our clients' fair and just compensation.
  • More than 50 years of experience representing more than 25,000 individuals.
  • Nationally recognized, and a top injury litigation firm in Ohio.
  • Representing clients before federal and state courts throughout the United States.
  • Analytical assessment of catastrophic injury claims, complex business principles, fraud claims and government regulations.
  • Accomplished and awarded attorneys.
  • Class action and mass tort leaders nationwide.

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Practice Areas

At Weisman, Kennedy & Berris Co., L.P.A., we serve the needs of lawyers on referral, groups of clients with common claims and individual clients. Our services range from lead counsel in mass tort injury claims to influential legal representatives for single personal injury claims

  1. 1
    Class Action

    Performing as lead counsel, class counsel or liaison in class action cases in order to pursue maximum compensation for our clients while combining resources, sharing costs and standing up to large corporations with other law firms and clients with common claims for damages. Learn More

  2. 2
    Mass Tort Litigation

    Leading, managing and/or advising mass tort cases, pursuing our individual clients’ best interests and leveraging the resources of an army of attorneys fighting for maximum client compensation regarding a common injury claim. Learn More

  3. 3
    Personal Injury

    Seeking financial compensation for losses in significant and complex personal injury claims with more than 50 years of experience and a pioneering history as our foundation. Learn More

  4. 4
    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Seeking financial compensation for victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and other motor vehicle wrecks. Learn More

  5. 5
    Defective/Dangerours Products

    Seeking financial compensation for people who have fallen victim to negligently manufactured, distributed and/or marketed pharmaceuticals, medical devices and orthopedic devices. Learn More

  6. 6
    Medical Malpractice

    Seeking financial compensation for people who have experienced surgical/anesthesia complications, failure to diagnose a disease or condition, birth injury, brain injury during birth, and fetal monitoring and fetal distress negligence. Learn More

  7. 7
    Wrongful Death

    Counseling, guiding and representing clients seeking financial compensation for the injuries and damages associated with the loss of a loved one that resulted from some other person’s or entity’s negligence. Learn More