Monthly Archives: May 2013

Although drivers must be careful to avoid potential hazards on the roads, it is the role of local government agencies in Ohio to ensure that roads are properly maintained. Especially when problems are reported, it is important for officials to take steps to ensure the safety of their roads. In some unfortunate cases, the government’s […]

People who drive while impaired put themselves and others at great risk. Unfortunately, when people drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, pedestrians are even more vulnerable to fatal¬†car accidents. Thankfully, Ohio law enforcement often finds the drivers who are responsible for these accidents and works to ensure that they are prevented from causing […]

Rain makes driving more hazardous, and drivers must be especially careful in these conditions. Unfortunately, some young drivers in Ohio fail to follow warnings about speeding in adverse weather conditions. Devastating car accidents can result. On Ohio 7, where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, a teenage driver’s speed reached as high as […]

Because the enormous weight of large commercial trucks makes them more dangerous than other vehicles, commercial drivers must be more cautious than other Ohio drivers. Unfortunately, when these large commercial trucks are involved in accidents, their enormity makes it difficult for victims to survive. our young children lost their father in a deadly truck accidentnear […]

Ohio law enforcement is responsible for protecting the rights of citizens, and they are expected to treat everyone fairly, including those who may be in violation of the law. Unfortunately, sometimes people in police custody are harmed, and in some cases, law enforcement agencies are faced with lawsuits. Fremont law enforcement arrested a man who […]