On behalf of Weisman, Kennedy & Berris Co., L.P.A. posted in wrongful death on Wednesday, December 26, 2012.

A death is hard on anyone’s family, so it’s important to know how to react to deaths that could have been prevented. A wrongful death can be instant and unexpected, so knowing the legal options for gaining compensation for pain and suffering, funeral costs and medical care is important.

The FBI reported that 72 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty in 2011. This is the highest number of deaths since 1995. Four of the officers killed were from Ohio, including one from Clark County, age 40, and one from Warren County, age 36. The Warren County Sheriff noted his concern over these rising numbers, stating that he believes it is due to an increasing disrespect for laws and authority.

The deaths are primarily attributed to death by firearms, with 63 deaths attributed to shootings. Deaths from handguns have risen from 25 in 2008 to 50 in 2011. From 2002 to 2011, the FBI states that 543 law enforcement officers were killed on the job, with 500 of those deaths being caused by firearms and, of those, 366 from handguns. Of those killed in 2011, 51 were wearing body armor, and 46 of those officers were still killed by firearms.

A wrongful death is difficult for everyone involved, so it’s important to look into the legal options available. There may be options that will help pay for debt accrued from medical care and the average funeral cost, and families may be able to obtain pain and suffering awards from the courts. Certain aspects of personal injury law can be different when a situation involves a law enforcement officer, so speaking to an experienced attorney may be helpful.

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