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In the fast-paced and commercial society that centrally marks the United States, the possibilities for dangerous and defective products entering the marketplace seem near endless.

And, indeed, they are. Scarcely a day goes by without new or updated media reports focused on product liability concerns associated with a drug, food offering, medical device, toy, cosmetic or other article.

We referenced one such concern in our immediately preceding blog post, noting recent material developments in the Stryker hip implant recall and mushrooming litigation. Lawsuits across the country, including in Ohio, are also in play concerning myriad other harms visited upon the public from products that have design, manufacturing, labeling, potency and other problems.

A recent article written by Janet Golden, a history professor, spotlights the realm of dangerous products and product liability in an interesting way by putting it into an historical perspective. Golden notes that, while there are strident critics these days favoring more lax controls over drug manufacturers, auto makers, medical device companies and related entities, they comprise a distinct minority.

“Over the past century,” she notes, “Americans have demanded more regulation, not less.”

The reasons for that are patently clear, given the history of the hard-fought safety regulations that have emerged over time to protect the public from harms. Golden notes that a walk through time over the past century reveals a world of marked danger to the public that has been made progressively safer through regulation.

Strong legal advocacy that fights against dangerous products and aggressively advances the best interests of injured victims is also, of course, a key prong in promoting safety.

An experienced product liability attorney also helps to ensure that applicable regulations and safety standards are complied with in the business world through rigorous representation of clients in defective product litigation.

Source: Philly.com, “Concerned about food and drug safety now? Look back aways …,” Janet Golden, Oct. 21, 2013

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