On behalf of Weisman, Kennedy & Berris Co., L.P.A. posted in Products Liability on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

Stories of individuals’ pain and frustration following surgery employing the Stryker Rejuvenate hip implant continue to emerge with regularity, both underscoring the magnitude of the product liability issues facing Stryker and putting a human perspective on the defective hip implant saga.

We have timely reported material updates on recall-related issues surrounding Stryker’s hip implants for our readers, as well as filled in details concerning the litigation that now confronts the company in both state and federal courts. Please see our October 30, 2013, blog post and October 19, 2013 entry, respectively, for relevant information on these matters.

As we noted, personal stories such as Mark Stephan’s, which we chronicled in our October 30 post, are far from uncommon. A recent media article tells the tale of a man named Marcellos, who had hip replacement surgery last year. Despite being told that his implant should be effective for as many as 15 years, Marcellos — who is only 35 years old — is in constant pain and walks with a cane a year after surgery.

Marcellos says that he feels like “a guinea pig” and wishes that he “never went along with this surgery.” He feels that “there’s a screw or two loose and something is very wrong.”

Marcellos’ persistent pain has been accompanied by frustrations encountered when he addresses the problem with the doctor who performed his surgery. He has been told he doesn’t present qualify for revision surgery and must wait for at least a decade before that is an option.

He is unwilling to passively acquiesce to that, saying that he is seeking legal help to file a claim against the company and assist him in his efforts to find another surgeon who will perform remedial surgery.

Source: LawyersandSettlements.com, “Stryker Rejuvenate has a few screws loose,” Jane Mundy, Nov. 17, 2013