On behalf of Weisman, Kennedy & Berris Co., L.P.A. posted in car accident on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

Driving while texting has been proven to be a distraction that can cause serious car accidents, resulting in property damage, personal injury or loss of life. There is no doubt about it: a distracted driver is a hazard on the road, and it only takes a moment of inattention for an otherwise innocuous moment to become fatal. That is why the Ohio legislature just made it easier for victims of distracted driving to prove another driver’s negligence.

On Aug. 31, two bans on mobile communications devices went into effect in Ohio. For drivers under the age of 18, getting caught using any mobile communication device while behind the wheel of a car is a primary offense that results in a significant fine and a 60-day driving suspension. This ban includes phones, tablets, portable gaming devices and handheld GPS units. The new law prohibits texting, talking, emailing or otherwise using these devices while driving.

For adults 18 and over, sending or reading texts while behind the wheel of a car is now a minor misdemeanor. It is classified as a secondary offense, which means the police must have another reason to pull a driver over before the officer can write a ticket for texting. Ohio is the 39th state to put laws banning texting while driving on the books.

Victims of car crashes resulting from a driver’s use of a cell phone or other communication device now have the law on their side. The usage log on these devices can help prove that the driver was distracted and in violation of the law at the time of the accident. This makes it easier to prove who was at fault and helps ensure that accident victims are compensated for their losses.

Source: Ohio News Network, “Statewide Texting Ban Takes Effect Friday,” Aug. 30, 2012