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Law enforcement officials are trained to handle chaotic situations professionally, but some cases may still result in tragic consequences. And sometimes, police fail to follow protocol

The family of a 26-year-old woman has filed a wrongful death suit in federal court after she was shot and killed by a member of the Cincinnati Police Department on Oct. 13, according to the family’s attorney. The suit claims that the 43-year-old police officer involved used excessive force and deprived the woman of her right to due process.

The shooting occurred after the officer arrived at the woman’s apartment in response to a call she made at 1:15 p.m. According to police officials, the woman was standing on her balcony, and her sister was loading items into a car when the police officer arrived.

The woman then exited the apartment while holding a butcher’s knife and ran to the driver’s side of her sister’s car. The police report states that the officer at the scene ordered her to drop the knife several times. The woman reportedly raised the knife and approached the officer, who shot twice and killed her.

A wrongful death suit typically demands compensation for the loss of companionship and recompense for legal fees and other expenses. The family members of the victim in this case will need to explore all of their legal options when they consider the terms of any settlement offer.

Source: Cincinnati.com, “Family of woman shot, killed by police files wrongful death suit,” Jennifer Edwards Baker, Oct. 19, 2012

09May 2014

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Speeding, distracted driving, and drunk driving are some of the biggest reasons for car accidents in Ohio. For this reason, law enforcement does all that it can to curb this behavior, particularly on highways. Unfortunately, law enforcement cannot prevent all car accidents.

Ohio was one of 11 states to beef up its officers’ highway patrol time. For eight days, there were about four times more troopers than usual along sections of Interstate 80. The ultimate goal of the initiative was to reduce the number of car accident fatalities.

Although the officers made several arrests and citations during that time, there were two fatalities, one in Ohio and another in Nebraska. There were also 48 car accidents in Ohio during that time period; however, it is unknown whether that number of crashes is typical for an eight-day period.

Ohio has plans to team up with other states on future highway enforcement campaigns, including one that will focus on Interstate 70. When law enforcement conducts similar initiatives, the results would likely shed light on whether or not increased patrol time has a significant effect on the number of car accidents and fatalities. Because these types of campaigns require a significant amount of the state’s resources, it is likely that they will be discontinued if they don’t prove effective.

Thankfully, victims of car accidents and their family members may be able to hold other drivers responsible for the accidents they caused. In these circumstances, it may be helpful to talk with an attorney.

Source: Toledo Blade, “Nationwide traffic blitz ends with 2 fatal crashes,” David Patch, August 3, 2013

09May 2014

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Independence Day weekend is a time for everyone to celebrate with friends and family members, and that usually means traveling on Ohio’s highways. Ohio’s roads are more congested during holiday weekends, which means that there may be more car and truck accidents than normal.

Car crashes are caused by reckless and impaired driving as well as speeding; however, the state’s speed limit, which increased on July 1, may not have a significant impact on the number of accidents in Ohio during the holiday weekend. In rural areas, the speed limit will increase from 65 mph to 70 mph. In some of Ohio’s neighboring states, the speed limit has been as high as 70 mph for several years; one other Midwestern state has reported fewer accidents since it lowered the highway speed limit.

Even before the speed limit was raised, Ohio drivers may have been driving at 70 mph on highways. Now that the speed limit has been raised, authorities may step up their speed enforcement. It is unknown why the state chose to raise the speed limit just in time for a holiday weekend, but it could be tied to the start of the fiscal year. If the speed limit increases are found to cause more car crashes, the state will likely lower them to their previous levels.

As always, it’s important for drivers to be cautious while driving. Accidents are devastating for victims and their family members. Fortunately, car accident victims may be entitled to compensation. Working with an attorney may be helpful for people in these circumstances.


The Plain Dealer, “Authorities don’t expect more crashes in Ohio Independence Day weekend with new 70 mph speed limit,” Pat Galbincea, July 3, 2013

09May 2014

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Because they are smaller than most cars and trucks, motorcycles pose more risks than other types of motor vehicles. For this reason, all Ohio drivers must be especially careful to check for motorcycles. Failure to do so can cause serious, and even fatal, car accidents.

The driver who allegedly killed a motorcyclist has apparently made a pattern of fleeing the scene of accidents he has caused. In the most recent incident, the man was allegedly involved in an altercation with his girlfriend. A witnesses said that the man stormed to his truck and angrily started it, apparently without taking a moment to check for pedestrians or other vehicles. Although the witness noticed that the victim was in harm’s way, there was apparently not enough time for the witness to warn the motorcyclist. The truck hit the motorcyclist, and the victim crashed into a van; emergency responders were unable to rescue him.

Unfortunately, this man has caused accidents before. It is not clear how many of those accidents have proven fatal. Because the witness will likely testify in court, the man will likely face serious consequences for his careless driving. He may also face domestic violence charges. Although the man allegedly has a history of drunk driving, it is unknown whether his driver’s license was in good standing at the time of the accident. There is no evidence that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he hit the motorcyclist.

When people lose a loved on in a fatal car accident, it is often devastating. Fortunately, the family members of victims may be entitled to compensation. Working with an attorney can be helpful in these circumstances.

Source: Wood TV, “Witness details fatal hit-and-run crash,” Ken Kolker, June 10, 2013

09May 2014

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People who drive while impaired put themselves and others at great risk. Unfortunately, when people drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, pedestrians are even more vulnerable to fatal car accidents. Thankfully, Ohio law enforcement often finds the drivers who are responsible for these accidents and works to ensure that they are prevented from causing another deadly accident. If you have ever been affected by something similar, consider talking to a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer to ensure you get the correct legal advice for your situation and state because state law can vary when making your next move.

After a Bridgeport man left a funeral on foot, he was hit by a vehicle and died. The driver of the vehicle, who had apparently been using marijuana at the time of the accident, is now facing felony charges. It is unclear whether the driver fled the scene of the accident, but he may have been concerned that his level of impairment may have resulted in more severe punishment.

Authorities at the scene of the accident allegedly found a mirror that matches the car parked at the driver’s house in St. Clairsville, but that may be the only piece of physical evidence that connects the driver to the accident. Although some of the prosecution’s witnesses have given verbal accounts of the incident, the driver’s attorney questioned the manner in which those testimonies were obtained. It is unknown whether the driver is scheduled to testify in court.

It is unknown if the driver has any previous traffic violations on his driving record. If he is found guilty, he will likely face serious long-term consequences. Car accidents are devastating for victims’ families, but working with an attorney can help them bring negligent and irresponsible drivers to justice.

Source: Times Leader Online, “Evidence in question,” Robert A. DeFrank, May 18, 2013

09May 2014

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Reckless driving can cause serious and sometimes permanent injuries or, in extreme cases, death. Unfortunately, you can be driving safely and following all of the rules of the roads but could still have such injuries inflicted on you by somebody else driving recklessly. This is why so many people decide to get disability insurance; as the disability insurance average cost is quite low, it is definitely worth it for many in case they were ever to be in an accident and to suffer an accident that causes them to become disabled. Obviously this is incredibly difficult for people to deal with, but it’s especially difficult for the families of victims when the driver flees the scene of the accident. Under these circumstances, victims and their families cannot hold the driver accountable for his recklessness. However, people who cause car accidents, especially repeat offenders, are sometimes found.

In a recent hit-and-run accident in Dayton, the details are sketchy but it seems that a driver ran into a home after he crashed into another vehicle. There were apparently no injuries, but there was likely damaged property on the home and to the owner of the other car; that driver also left the scene of the accident and is still being sought by law enforcement. The driver who caused the accident may have been attempting to evade authorities because he was driving with a firearm in his vehicle and with a suspended driver’s license; a sentence he received after being convicted of another hit-and-run accident in October.

The driver has made a habit of taking off after car accidents. His most recent accident comes less than two years after he fled the scene of another accident that killed a 7-year-old girl. Because he is a repeat offender, his punishment for this accident could be more severe.

After any accident, it’s important for drivers to remain at the site of the accident and to cooperate with law enforcement. Otherwise, the punishment may be harsh. Thankfully, authorities sometimes find hit-and-run drivers and work to prevent them from harming others in the future. For people who have been the victims of such drivers, they may want to contact an attorney to pursue legal action. In this case, the home owner might be able to receive compensation for the damage done to their property.

Source: WhioTV, “Driver in crash involved in 2011 fatal accident,” Frazier Smith, March 15, 2013

09May 2014

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Careless driving can cause serious injuries or even death for the driver as well as everyone else on the road. People who have lost a family member in a car accident understand the emotional hardship of this sudden loss. However, a victim’s family can hold a driver accountable for his or her carelessness. If anyone you know has recently been involved in a serious car accident and requires legal assistance, it might be worth trying to find a reliable law practice, just like PM Law Firm, to help you. Finding an experienced law firm can help your case significantly, helping you to get the compensation you deserve.

A Canton woman who caused the death of a 52-year-old home health aide will serve a 90-day jail sentence for vehicular manslaughter. She was found not guilty of vehicular homicide, likely because she insisted that the crash was an accident. Manslaughter is often determined by the courts as a death caused by accident with no malice aforethought. You can read this article to learn more about manslaughter within the law. The woman has also been charged with other misdemeanors unrelated to the accident.

At the time of the accident, the 29-year-old single mother was driving without insurance, which caused the victim’s husband to resort to litigation in order to recover his losses. Although she reportedly was obeying the speed limit on her way home from a shopping trip, her vehicle crossed the center lane on state Route 43 by more than 8 feet. The woman’s SUV crashed into the other driver’s car as it was coming from the opposite direction on the two-lane road. During the court hearing, the victim’s family members asked for the maximum sentence.

Fatal car accidents are difficult for the family members of victims, who may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death claim. It is important to find an experienced attorney when it comes to dealing with crashes like this. This compensation can help the family cover the costs of emergency medical care or funeral expenses. People who have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident may want to seek the help of an attorney. You can find attorneys who specialize in car accidents within any state and county, whether it is Los Angeles, New York, or an austin car accident lawyer, they should be able to help you get back onto your feet after a car accident has occurred.

Source: CantonRep.com, “Driver gets 90 days in jail for fatal Route 43 crash,” Dave Sereno, March 12, 2013